Listed Company Compliances

Listing of a company has been regulated by SEBI. If you list your company in the stock exchange(s), then you need to comply with the listing requirements of SEBI. In this presentation, we will discuss the compliance calendar for listed companies in BSE and NSE.

Compliance Calendar

To comply with the compliance deadline is very important and requires proper planning. In order to keep an eye on various statutory deadlines and assist in timely compliance, we have put together a consolidated compliance calendar that highlights the time-lines for the convenience of Listed Companies.


IEPF Compliances

Understand the concept of dividend policy and IEPF compliances through compliance calendar designed for all the dividend – paying companies.


Stay on top of your compliance and keep yourself updated with complex regulatory changes.

Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting
One Stop Source for all non-financial disclosures.

SEBI amends format of Compliance
Report on Corporate Governance

Enhancement of disclosure norms for
High Value Listed Entities


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