Indian startups doing well in the recession striken period

The global pandemic has massively hit the Indian economy. More than two-thirds of startups in India need to secure additional capital in the coming weeks to row through the coronavirus pandemic, according to an industry report.

However, few Indian startups are going against the tide and doing well in the recession stricken period.
Here is a list of some of them:

Paytm First Games
Paytm First Games claimed that it has registered over 5 million app downloads during the ongoing lockdown. The gaming app has become a popular option for stay-at-home entertainment and with its games like Ludo and Rummy registering four times growth. Paytm First Games has more than half a million daily active gamers on the platform, spending between 32 to 45 minutes playing more than 100+ games, the gaming company mentioned.

Khabri is India’s digital audio platform providing content in the regional language. The company stated that it is sponsoring numerous skill enhancement courses for their employees. Apart from that, the company has not done any salary cuts during this whole lockdown.

According to Pulkit Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Khabri, these are perilous times, indeed. However, Khabri has seen an increase in engagement time from 18 minutes to 22 minutes across all categories. Additionally, news listenership has grown by around 77 percent among repeat listeners. “When it comes to our employees, we are committed to providing them with end-to-end support to help them ride out the Covid situation. We have launched weekly mentorship sessions for all our staff, based on their feedback. We have also introduced an upskilling program, wherein employees can do an online course of their choice and the fee will be reimbursed on successful completion,” he added.

Trell is a community-based platform that enables lifestyle discovery through user-generated original content in regional Indian languages. Trell mentioned that it caters to five million monthly active Indian users on its platform.
Trell noted that with over 15 million downloads and five million monthly active users on its app, it has grown 20 times in the last 12 months in India. In January 2020 alone, its community of 5 lakh content creators published 1.2 million content pieces, which garnered more than 300 million views.

CoutLoot is a platform that enables anyone to sell online in just 30 seconds. The Social Offline-to-Online (O2O) commerce platform allows seamless interactions between buyers and sellers through its social-media-based model.
Currently, CoutLoot has added over 50,000 essential stores that can cater to users in all major Tier1, 2, and 3 cities.

MultiLiving Technologies
It is a platform that caters to real estate activities on a fee or contract basis. According to Pankaj Singh CEO & founder of the company, with its unique offerings, Multiliving has maintained its momentum and hasn’t lost any clientele. He said that the company has been able to increase its homeowner customer base by over 500 percent during the lockdown.

The company claimed that it has witnessed enhanced productivity due to its easy work at home tools that were already in place. Also, Multiliving continues to grow with no layoffs and salary cuts and has honored all the offers given.

Techno Companion
Techno Companion, an IT startup, said that it has maintained its growth trajectory. The company mentioned that it has not lost any of its clients and has not done any salary cuts. Apart from this, the Techno Companion is looking for more resources with specialized skills. The company is recruiting people specialized in skills like AI and ML for their new projects.

Rooter is a sports content-based community platform. The platform allows users to engage with other fans through Live Audio/ video discussions, quizzes.

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